"Growing up in Qatar & the Middle-East, we have seen the technological advances first hand"


The days my wife and myself refer to as the "Days of the dial-up Internet" was not too long ago. We remember the interent being a luxury technology only a few could afford.


Since then things have changed. High-speed data & Elite Hardware Infrastructure has not only revoloutionized the internet by being cost-effective but also changed the way we do business today. Brick and Mortar businesses do exist but they are driven by online campaigns, remote customer service and payment gateways. Making E-Commerce the No.1 way of doing business as it involves a lot less cost and more outreach to customers and businesses.


Our approach to business is simple and effective. We are always listening to our customer's ideas and stretching our imagination of what the future would look like with newer technology. We know that most of our customers are not just looking for financial gains but to be the first ones to make a difference and bring services and products that make everyone's life a bit easier.


Our goal here is to convert and bring most businesses in Qatar online by 2025. Our team is not only capable but also driven towards this goal of turning Qatar into the next technology hub in the Middle-East.


GEORGE, Savio (Right)

- Founder, Director.


Cristabel Rocha (Left)

- Co-Founder

our products

Corporate and Consumer solutions under one roof.

Point of Sale System, Enterprise Management Solutions custom made.

Workstations, Servers,  Data Mining & Gaming Systems.

Web Design, Web Application Development, Hosting & Mobile Solutions

SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing.